When your year arrives

Once in everyone’s life they have a ‘year’ which allows them to transform for the better in their lives.  For me 2015 is “my year” because of a number of events:

Firstly, my “year” started in 2014 on August 10th to be to be exact. The critical event was when I became a dad to a gorgeous then 4-year-old boy called Joshua.

Secondly, I became a Florence Nightingale Leadership Scholar in January 2015, where I enhance my leadership potential

Thirdly and more importantly, I’m celebrating being a ‘demi-centurian’ in October 2015 to be exact

All three of these events on their own are important, but together they have defined an amazing year for me, which I will be exploring and blogging about. It’s my year for change as necessary. It’s also a year where I set out transforming how I do things and also setting some goals. I do this in my “50-things” – a blog to follow.

Each of these events about will help shape me. From being a hard worker, to be a family man; from being a leader, to being an inspirational leader who believes in the power of nursing and use of information and informatics to transform care. And finally, my goals for the next 50 or so year, whatever is left of the clock. In fact according to a number of articles, 50 is the new 30  and also here in The Guardian

So while eligible to join SAGA, I won’t be. For me one of the 50-things is to not celebrating my life half over, but just beginning it. More on that in the next installment of 50-things. Somehow life just feels good.

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