If you do the same old thing….

If like me, you’ve ‘enjoyed’ the Christmas season a little too much, then you will be like many, looking at your ‘resolutions for 2015.  Nothing like the New Year to create a new intention.

How about if like minded people come together to create a virtual fitclub? How about #NhsFitbitClub where #nhs and healthcare staff & #Fitbit users come together to create the energy for change?

Statistics show that most people join health clubs in January than any other month, but the biggest decline is by February. However I suspect health clubs are in for decline as wearable technology takes root in society.  For many, Christmas brought your own personal fitness tracker ‘wearable’, whether it was the Nike Fuelband, Fitbit Flex, or Garmin range, Apple Watch or whatever.  And according to The Guardian Could 2015 be the year that wearable technology becomes sexy? What this time of year does is to create the intention with the means.

I f have the intention to loose the excess weight I’ve put on:

My weight gain in December


And the means with my existing FitBit Flex of a couple of years, one thing I need is motivation. Where best to get motivated but through people who are connected through the NHS or work in health associated industries.

The aim: Get health stay health and be health for our patients, clients and users (NHS and associated health industries)

Why: Because collectively people with a common purpose succeed. Sharing a goal and teamwork achieves more collectively.

How: By having a Fibit device and then joining the activity group NHSFITBITCLUB and see how you do. You don’t have to be an NHS employee, but if you work with NHS and in health related industry you’re welcome to join.  Regardless you are working on getting and staying healthy.

And for a final bit of motivation, getting off our butt’s we know is right, here’s a novel way to do it – from

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