Getting out of the groove

I, like many, have had very busy weeks with them lots of meetings, overlapping agendas, deadlines, lists of things that need doing, mainly due ‘yesterday’. That sound familiar? It’s called getting stuck in the groove. It happens to everyone. It is very easy to get sucked into the detail, because you may be the best person for that issue at hand.

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The result is, that is your ability to see ahead gets cluttered with the day job. It’s like loosing your reference points when you’re trying to find somewhere new, you can’t relate it to the map you’re using. If you’re trying to be transformational, or taking people on a new journey, that can be hard to maintain momentum while caught in the detail of the ‘doing’. So how do you break the cycle? You need ‘navigators’ or people who can pull you out of the weeds.

I recently had two people point this out to me, both knowledgeable and experts in their own right, understanding what my role is and what I am working to achieve within my organisation as part of our strategic approach. The individually “called it out”, in that they saw what I wasn’t seeing. While they didn’t solve the problem, they let me see what the objective was and how I could deliver within the context I was in. That’s why we need internal and external reference people to keep you get you out of the groove you get pulled into, not necessarily out of choice, but out of circumstance.

Reflecting on this, I learnt:

When you’re taking people on a journey, you can get lost and constrained from the context you’re within.

So, invest in your personal navigator’s who will understand your purpose and be supportive, yet say what needs to be said. These people know who they are, you just need to find them.


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