50+ things to achieve

In my post – When your year arrives – I talked about having goals. One of those is to have something to aim for as I celebrate coming of age, ahem as a quintastic.

The concept of the list below came from my long suffering better half, who said, now that it’s your “special” year what is your bucket list? (needless to say there was silence at the end of this statement!!) Further clarification, it was “What would you like to do to celebrate it”?

For those who know me well, being speechless and indecisive are not two of my known qualities. I was duly tasked to go off and make a list. 

Now bucket lists are often associated with imminent demise, needles to say I do hope fate is not being tested here. That said, it made me think, what would I like to achieve to celebrate the new 30’s (read previous post for the association)

So having given it some thought I’ve come up with a list of things to start achieving in my “Demi-Centurion” year. They won’t all be achieved this year and many just being planned, but I have goals to share with myself, my family and with all of you. Wish me luck!

The 50+ things to achieve list